Song: Pompeii
Artist: Bastille (Kat Krazy Remix)

aidan turner for article magazine

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We’re family. 

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Song: Bofur's Song in Rivendell
Artist: James Nesbitt (lyrics: J.R.R. Tolkien)
Album: The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey: Extended Edition


Bofur’s Song in Rivendell from the Hobbit Extended Edition.

I took the audio from the awesome video bloodraven-bittersteel
posted. Thank you :)


"In height he was rather over six feet, and so excessively lean that he seemed to be considerably taller. His eyes were sharp and piercing, save during those intervals of torpor to which I have alluded; and his thin, hawk-like nose gave his whole expression an air of alertness and decision. His chin, too, had the prominence and squareness which mark the man of determination. His hands were invariably blotted with ink and stained with chemicals, yet he was possessed of extraordinary delicacy of touch, as I frequently had occasion to observe when I watched him manipulating his fragile philosophical instruments."

A great affirmation and transcendence of life.

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Spell Block Tango by Todrick Hall

If you love Chicago the Musical and the Villains of Disney, YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT.


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‘“Killing is illegal,” Sherlock whispered in his ear. “What we do every day is illegal.”’

Fanart for KeelieThompson1's fic “Playing the game

2nd part :) finished, yey! Vampire!Sherlock

(John counterpart)



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cursor by thetremblingofmyhand